Günter Grünwald - Definitely maybe

Günter Grünwald - Definitely maybe

tors, 16.02.2023
tors from 8 pm
Ferry Porsche Congress Center, Brucker Bundesstraße 1, 5700 Zell am See

A few, very few years ago, when I sent out the invitations to the celebrations for my 60th birthday to determine whether, after evaluating the responses, I would have to rent the Saturn Arena in Ingolstadt for the party, or whether the adjoining room at the Schutterwirt was enough.
I got the following answer from a gentleman who was my friend until the day he replied: "Man Günter, thank you very much for the invitation, I'll definitely come." Then I thought, should the Lord God grant me a few more years in this world and I should consequently be able to stamp yet another cabaret program out of the swampy ground, then the program will definitely be called "Definitely Maybe".
Well, the gentleman either had an understanding or something else to do, which is why I'm now on a world tour with the program "Definitively Maybe" for the next few years. I think the title expresses the current 'zeitgeist' of "both as well as", of "keeping all options open", of "why should I cancel a doctor's appointment, they'll notice if I don't come" in the most excellent way.
That's why I tap myself on the shoulder and say: "Grünwald, well done, found the best of all possible titles again." It's true that self-praise stinks, but that's what a fart does, and yet it's sometimes necessary.

Günter Grünwald
(after dictation definitely maybe went home)

Entrance: 07.00pm
Start: 08.00pm
Tickets: €34,50- here



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