Skiing holiday in Austria | © Faistauer Photography
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Wüstlauweg zum Alpenhaus Kesselfall

closed due to flood debris accumulations!

This  path  branches  off  from  the Klammweg Nr.  17  at  the  foot  -

bridge by the end of the Klammsee, and carries on from here to

the Jetzbachbrücke.  It then continues on the right of the stream

to the Wüstlaubrücke and then further on the left side along the

bicycle path to the glacier mountain railway where you cross over

the stream. Bear right and continue for about 300 m into the val-

ley before crossing over to the left side of the steam again. Now

make  your  way  along  towards  Ebenwald  and  then  to  the

Limbergstollen where you cross the stream once more. The road

now winds up to the right through beech and maple trees to the

Alpenhaus Kesselfall.  Cross  over  a  small  road  approximately  150 m

under  the Kesselfall,  and proceed  a  few more metres  upwards.

Now you will be able to see one of the natural wonders of Kaprun

Valley, the Kesselfall Gorge.