Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Seespitzen-Zaunlückensteig no 53

From Schüttdorf to Plettsauberg - Plettsaukopf reservoir

The Seespitz-Zaunlückensteig branches off the beginning of the Nikolaus Gassner  Promenade,  over  the  Seespitz  tunnel  exit  in Schüttdorf. At first  it goes up a wide, but steep, farmer’s road.

After the former Gasthof Bergheim one wanders along a narrow but not less steep path for 40 min to the Entwies Hof. Here the path  continues  for  a  short while  on  the  asphalt  delivery  road „Keilberg“  to  the  Huber  Hof.  About  300  m  further  on  the

Seespitz-Zaunlückensteig  branches  off  to  the  right  and  runs steeply up the mountain. After approximately 50 min. one reaches the Klettsauberg Rundwanderweg. Following this path one reaches tje cityXpress.