Summer holiday in Austria | © Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus/ Faistauer Photography
Holiday paradise in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Should only be undertaken by those with good alpine experience or in the company of a mountain guide.

To begin this walk, take the bus up to the Mooserboden. From here

cross over the Mooser and Drossen dam and then proceed  in the

direction of the Heinrich Schwaiger-Haus. After approximately 200

metres bear towards the north. Proceed along the  level terrain of

the Hang Canals and ascend up past the Wielinger catchment area

before  descending  about  50 m  just  before  the  catchment  area.

Now make your way climbing up through mountain pastures to the

Hauseben.  From  here  continue  rising  in  windings  up  to  the

Bratschen to the Kempsenkopf (difficult stages safe-guarded with

a rope). From here the path  forks,  leading  in one direction to the

Gleiwitzer Hütte and in the other to the summit climb of the Hohen

Tenn. The ascent up to the Hohen Tenn (3,317 m) proceeds over the

ridge to the Bauernbrachkopf (3,125 m) and then continues to the

Kleinen  Tenn  (key  point)  and  from  here  over  the  ridge  to  the

Schneetenn. The ascent is graded between levels 3 and 4, depend  -

ing on  the weather  situation,  and  is  very  exposed  in places. The

more difficult stages are safe-guarded with fixed ropes. Should only

be undertaken by those with good alpine experience or in the com-

pany  of  a  mountain  guide.  To  descend  to  the  Gleiwitzer  Hütte 

(2,174 m), make your way from the Kempsenkopf over the ridge to

the upper Jägerscharte, over a peaked point  to  the  lower Jäger  -

scharte and continue over grazing land to the Gleiwitzer Hütte. This

route is also very exposed in places and care is needed, especially

in bad weather conditions (only for the sure-footed). The more dif-

ficult stages are safe-guarded with a fixed rope.