Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Krefelder Hütte - Kleetörl - Rudolfshütte

Starting point  for  this  tour  is  the Alpinecenter . From here, walk

west towards the old drag lift trail and continue along the line of

the lift to the top station where you will join path number 711. This

leads  to  the  first depression, south of  the Kleinen Schmiedinger

and then descends west over scree  in the direction of the Hackl

Hochalm.  From  here,  continue  past  the  Hacklsee  and  along  a

sheep  track  to  the south-west and up  to  the Kleetörl. Now des-

cend along the southern side of the Reichenbergkar and continue,

ascending only slightly, around the Richtzeitsedl into the Wurfkar .

From here, make your way underneath the Scharkogels and cross

the cirque to reach the road. Proceed along the road in the direc-

tion  of  the  Tauernmoos  lake. At  the  dam,  continue  over  to  the

western side of the lake, past the middle station of the old cable

car  and  then onto  a  forest  road until  you  reach  the  end of  the

reservoir  containment  area. Here  you will  join path  number  716

and can continue over  the “steps”  to  the Rudolfshütte.  It  is also

possible to continue from the middle station of the old cable car

and descend to the Enzingerboden (1.5 h).