Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Kesselfall (11C)

Start from the local council building - pass the information centre and the High School. Then along the Wiesenweg (meadow path) to the Pichel bridge and further on to the Nindl bridge. Pass the Gasthof zur Mühle and Hotel Falkenstein. Turn off
the Nikolaus Gassner Straße onto the Kesselfallstraße. Follow the Kesselfallstraße to the Villa Burg. Turn off the Klamm path, up over the Belinsky bridge (Sigmund Thun Klamm) to the Klammsee (lake). Follow the path along the shore to the Au bridge,
cross it and bike on the right hand side of the Kapruner Ache pass the Gletscherbahn and on to the Kesselfall Hotel. Take the same route back to the starting point.

track sign: 11C