Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Guggenbichl (11A)

Start from the local council building - pass the information centre and turn into the Nikolaus Gassner Straße. Pass the youth hostel to the Winkelhof path turn off. Turn off to the left and come to the Lederergut after approx. 200m. From the asphalt road,
over a wooden bridge to the first climb, then up the mountain, always keeping to the left, to the second climb – steep (push the bike). Cross the Winkel stream to a short steep climb. The third climb; the path is flat just after the climb and then it leads up
to the Lechnerberg freight path. Ride down the mountain to the first house and then up the mountain before the cattle grid. Cross the Imbach climb and continue on the Guggen freight path to the Guggenbichl refreshment hut. Return over the Guggen
freight path and the Peter Buchner Street to the Kaprun council building.

track sign: 11A