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Air Star Paragliding

Opening hours

For an appointment please contact Air Star - Flugschule. The appointment is dependent on the weather.


Air Star - Flugschule
Schmittenstr. 119 / 5700 Zell am See
phone: +43 650 5010102
mobil: +43 650 5010102
email :

Take off by paraglider, let the updraft carry you away and leave everyday life behind: The Airstar flight school offers tandem flights as well as basic courses followed by a free high-altitude flight in the Pinzgau region all year round.

Do you dream of flying? The Airstar flight school makes your dream come true. The Pinzgau-based company offers tandem flights (depending on the weather) in the region all year round: You'll be flying with the Austrian record holder in cross-country flying, Hans Hartl. The professional takes you to the take-off points at over 2,000 metres and flies - if possible - up to the cloud base. The tandem experience can be booked for any age: Children are allowed to come along from the age of six and are secured with a special harness. For those who don't just want to enjoy tandem paragliding, Airstar also offers basic courses including high-altitude flights. These courses can be completed in small groups within a week.