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3K K-onnection

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Open again from December 2021


Talstation Maiskogelbahn
Kitzsteinhornplatz 1a / 5710 Kaprun
phone: (0043) 6547 8700
mobil: (0043) 6547 8621
email :

The cable car connection Kaprun - Maiskogel - Kitzsteinhorn

The cable car connection Kaprun - Maiskogel - Kitzsteinhorn
makes a generation dream vome true. From Kaprun it goes over the Maiskogel directly to Landwied on the Kitzsteinhorn!

The 3K K-onnection enables the ascent from Kaprun directly to the glacier.

The summit station on the Kitzsteinhorn (TOP OF SALZBURG 3.029 meters) can now be reached with a string of pearls from six cable cars directly from the center of Kaprun (768 m) via the Maiskogel. This 12 km panoramic trip is not only the longest continuous gondola axis, but also rises the greatest elevation (2261 vertical meters) in the Eastern Alps.

The two Kitzsteinhorn EXPLORER cabins offer grandiose views and deep views of the surrounding panorama thanks to their all-round glazing.

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