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Massage-Praxis Wolfspfote, Siedlungsstraße 2a, 5700 Zell am See

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Well-being and long-term performance are no secret when we learn to give our body's signals the attention they deserve

Our soul is alive and tries to make us aware of disturbances in the form of discomfort, pain or injuries. If an organ is impaired in its function, it tries to point this out on the body.

The human body also has the ability to help itself. For this, our energy system, the central reservoir of all resources, has to be balanced.

In my practice, health prevention is in the foreground. I try to identify weaknesses in related functional cycles and to solve them with the help of different methods. Each treatment is individually tailored to the individual customer.



Massage-Praxis Wolfspfote
Siedlungsstraße 2a
5700 Zell am See