Schmidolin’s Rocket Bike

Schmidolin’s Rocket Bike

Schmidolins Erlebniswelt, areitXpress Bergstation, 5700 Zell am See

open from 26 May 2022  - closed on heavy rain

In the E-Motocross Park on the Schmittenhöhe there is a special practice parcourse for young e-motocross racers: "Schmidolins Feuerstuhl" (Schmidolin's Blazing Wheels). Here, children from age six to twelve can venture onto the track on special OSET electric bikes.

100 percent driving fun and zero percent emissions: That's the motto at the E-Motocross Park on the Schmittenhöhe. Equipped with protective clothing and helmets, motocross racers of all ages can test the track on electric bikes. A special track has been created for the youngest racers: A practice parcourse called "Schmidolins Feuerstuhl" (Schmidolin’s Blazing Wheels), named after the Schmittenhöhe mascot Schmidolin. With dragon-power bikes from OSET, children can practise and master obstacles on a secured course. In the meantime, mums, dads and the rest of the family can take a seat in the chill-out area and enjoy a cool drink: While doing so, they can always keep an eye on the kids.


Schmidolins Erlebniswelt
areitXpress Bergstation
5700 Zell am See