Motor Skills Fun Trail Kaprun

Motor Skills Fun Trail Kaprun

Vereinehaus, Augasse 6a, 5710 Kaprun

Use of the Motor Skills Fun Trail is free of charge, and the trail is open from spring until the onset of winter.

24 different stations provide fun for all age groups

The Motor Skills Fun Trail starts along the Tauern Cycle Track in the area of the Vereinehaus (Augasse 6a). The topics of the stations are based on the findings of training theory and the current state of knowledge on motor learning. The synergy between the equipment and the surrounding nature creates special and unforgettable movement experiences. The approximately 70 individual pieces of equipment allow EVERYONE - from juniors to seniors, from beginners to professional athletes - to experience fun and excitement.


Augasse 6a
5710 Kaprun


tel.: +43 6547 8204