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Snow, snow and even more snow

Zell am See-Kaprun turns into a winter wonderland – holidaying safely in Austria

Many may be surprised but you can still enjoy an amazing winter holiday in and around Zell am See-Kaprun in Austria despite various horror stories about snow chaos, danger of avalanches and closed roads. Simply plan for a bit more time when arriving and enjoy your skiing holiday on safe pistes.

Plenty of snow in the mountains

The increased danger of avalanches on the mountains and the tense situation in off-piste terrain cannot be denied. Skiers and snowboarders must therefore stay on safe pistes and not enter areas away from the pistes. Avalanche warnings of level four and five are serious and no-one can go on ski tours and even the best freeride downhill runs for the time being.

How could the situation become so extreme?

Good question. This is what have we been asking ourselves for days now. It is not very often that so much snow falls within a week as usually within one month. We are delighted that the meteorologist Corinna Borau has been so kind to answer some of our questions. Corinna is a regular weather presenter on ProSieben and does the weather forecast on Today, she explains the current snowy weather in the Alps:

Mrs Borau, thank you for your time. Keeping the Alps currently in suspense, where does all the snow come from? What weather situation causes the continuous snowfall? Why does it snow so much in the Northern Alps and less south of the Alps?

A sustained northern flow has developed between low atmospheric pressure over Eastern Europe and a powerful high-pressure system over the Atlantic. The result is that the current reoccurring snowfalls are pushed from the north to the Alps. The clouds accumulate and snow out there. This weather situation has already existed for some time and will stay for a few more days.


Can we also expect so much snow in future?

Generally speaking, yes. Caused by global warming, the air absorbs more moisture which in turn leads to heavier rainfalls or snowfalls which also tend to last longer. In addition, the trend is that certain weather situations stay for a longer period – weeks, or even months – as we have just experienced last summer in 2018. Thus, long periods of sun and heat are followed by prolonged periods of rain.


In addition to the amount of snow, there is strong wind which aggravates the avalanche situation. Are there also currently more storms than usual?

In my opinion, no. It might seem so but this is down to the current weather situation which appears to change very little. But the combination of heavy snowfall, wind and drifting snow is not unusual and occurs very often in winter.

Despite heavy snowfalls

your winter holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun is not at risk

If you and your loved ones have planned a holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun, then there is no need to cancel. Our region is NOT situated in a narrow valley basin and we will also not be cut off from the outside world in future. You may have to accept some delays on your journey to us and back home but there is a maximum of slight traffic restrictions in the region itself. You can also still arrive in comfort by taking the train.

We wish you a safe journey to our Zell am See-Kaprun region. You can look forward to a winter wonderland which you will not see every day.