Skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier | © Kitzsteinhorn
Skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier | © Kitzsteinhorn
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Ski pistes

Real skiing pleasure and top slopes in the Zell am See-Kaprun region

currently open

  • 28 pistes
  • 19 lifts
  • 17 highlights


status Nr name type
1 Alpincenterpiste
31 Familienabfahrt
8b Sonnenkarpiste 2
6 Easy Run
10 Rettenwandpiste 1
34 Übungspiste Maisi
33 Schaufelberg Abfahrt
40 Lechnerbergpiste
1a Magnetköpflpiste
13 Krefelderpiste
11 Langwiedpiste
32 Sauloch - Trainingspiste
10a Rettenwandpiste 2
3a Schmiedingerpiste 1
12 Kristallpiste
4a Gletscherpiste 1
4b Gletscherpiste 2
4c Gletscherpiste 3
7 Schmiedingerschwung
30 Schermer Steilhang
5a Maurerpiste 1
5b Maurerpiste 2
14 Black Mamba
X1 Ice Age
X2 Westside Story
X3 Left Wing
X4 Jump Run
X5 Pipe Line
15 Schneehasenpiste
2 Gletscherseepiste
3b Schmiedingerpiste 2
8a Sonnenkarpiste 1
9 Nordkarpiste
  • open
  • closed
  • easy
  • moderate
  • difficult

Are you already planning your next ski holiday? Then you surely look forward to wide pistes, well-groomed and perfectly prepared for your carving turns. Actually, the ski pistes in Zell am See-Kaprun also look forward to seeing you. Visit our page about the lifts and pistes and get informed about opening, condition, operating times - in fact, anything you need to know about the conditions on our ski pistes. It doesn't matter which of our three ski mountains you choose. Information and facts are available for the Kitzsteinhorn as well as for the Maiskogel and the Schmittenhöhe. In this way, you arrive top-informed at your holiday destination and can get started on the region's most beautiful ski pistes straightaway!