IONICA 24h Endurance

powered by eco Grand Prix

The future of mobility will be at centre stage in the Zell am See-Kaprun region yet again in June 2019. One year has passed since the premiere of IONICA 2018, and there is again plenty to discover and experience this year from 21 - 23 June 2019.

One of the highlights in 2018 was the 24h Endurance Race where E-vehicles of various makers and their drivers had to show what they are made of in a 24-hour race on a circular course around Lake Zell. This year’s endurance test for E-vehicles will feature some added highlights: IONICA will be joint by the international racing series eco Grand Prix and will therefore be part of the eco Grand Prix International EV Endurance Series.

Part of the international series

With eco Grand Prix as partner, the IONICA 24h Endurance Race joins an international, renowned racing series for E-vehicles. The 2019 season is already the 7th time that this series is staged. Important and famous tour stops are Night Drive in France, the 9h of Calafat or the 24h of Germany. The 24h of Austria has been added this summer and IONICA is proud to be part of the eco Grand Prix Series.

Scenically attractive route

The route is the same as at the premiere in June 2018. The race leads along a very attractive route around Lake Zell. The approx. 26 km long course will run for 24 hours exclusively and continuously on public roads. The same conditions apply to every team. The race is staged according to the rules of the international eco Grand Prix Race Series. Hence the key to success is an efficient way of driving and good energy tactics.

“At IONICA 24h Endurance powered by eco Grand Prix, every lap outside the pit lane counts. Smaller cars are often disadvantaged at other tour stops because they have to be recharged frequently. This is not the case in Zell am See where the advantages and disadvantages of individual car models are reshuffled, and it will be quite interesting to see which car is doing better here!” says Rafael De Mestre, initiator of the eco Grand Prix Series. “We are looking forward to IONICA 2019! If you like stunning landscapes, then you must come and join in. Driving here is really impressive: the lake, the fantastic roads and – as one of the highlights – the way uphill to the Grossglockner. This will be a truly special eco Grand Prix!”

An ambitious goal

Aim of the competition is of course clocking up as many kilometres as possible. Not just speed, but driving skills and an efficient way of driving are important, so that not too much time is wasted with recharging. But the actual finish of 24h Endurance powered by eco Grand Prix is situated much higher up: it is on the Edelweißspitze at the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and is therefore hard to beat when it comes to scenic beauty.

In our interview, Rafael also told us this:

“I am especially excited about the uphill ride to the Grossglockner as no-one can tell which car with what kilowatt power or size will be taking the lead. The question will be: Do we manage another lap before going uphill to the Grossglockner? Do we have to recharge again or will we manage the ascent without a further stop? THIS will be the questions that the participants are facing, and this makes the eco Grand Prix at IONICA in Zell am See-Kaprun really special!”


It is still possible to register as a team for IONICA 24h Endurance powered by eco Grand Prix. All you need is an E-car, a motivated team and time to drive this attractive route for 24 hours.


Another interesting fact: Rafael de Mestre and his team will serve “real“ and green coffee throughout the 24h Endurance race. You wonder what green coffee is? 

Rafael started a trial bringing coffee by sailing boat, train and own E-car climate-neutral from South America to the eco GP head office: and he succeeded. You can rely on this “green” coffee when you get tired during the 24h Endurance powered by eco GP. This coffee will accompany you – delivered and prepared climate-friendly of course!


See you at IONICA in Zell am See-Kaprun from 21 - 23 June 2019 when the motto is again: “Welcome to tomorrow’s mobility – on land, water and in the air!”