Casino holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun

Everything you always wanted to know about casinos

Whether passionate gambler, occasional fortune hunter or casino holidaymaker: Who wouldn’t want to take a look behind the scenes of a casino. Asking a croupier a few questions. And: Experiencing the mystery of the casino close up! 

Whatever the season: If you spend your casino holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun, you can look forward to pure variety ! In winter, when skiing in the region’sski resorts, on snowshoe hiking tours or during ski touring. Lake Zell is the place to be on hot summer days during the warmer season! The lake offers everything that is needed on a holiday full of variety: from sailing and surfing to stand-up paddling and kayaking.

You see: Besides the fabulous world of the casino, variety, fun and unforgettable holiday pleasure is waiting for you all year round.

Introducing: The Zell am See Casino

Anyone who visits the casino in Zell will quickly realise: this is not just about gambling. The location invites just as much to a leisurely drink at the bar or on the terrace with beautiful view across Lake Zell! By the way: an especially wonderful view to the lake can also be enjoyed from many gaming tables.

In addition, the casino in Zell am See is Austria’s most modern and newest casino and is designed in an especially sophisticated style. Cheesy? Wrong! The interior reflects the Zell am See-Kaprun tourist region.

 Facts and figures about the Zell am See Casino

  • Opened: 01.01.2016
  • Visitors: around 100 daily, 40,000 per year
  • Size: 1,000 square metres
  • Employees: 30-40, of which 22 are currently croupiers
  • Gaming area: 4 American style roulette tables, 12 Easy Roulette terminals, 4 Black Jack tables – in summer, also on the terrace, 8 Poker tables, 1 Easy-Hold’em Poker table, 65 slot machines
  • Highlight: the view to the glistening Lake Zell!

Casino Royal in Zell am See

We all have questions we always wanted to ask a croupier. Just as well that Alexander, croupier at the Zell am See Casino, provides some answers and a few more details.

Better to share out than to take a risk!

Alexander has always been more interested in supervising the game than gambling himself when meeting with friends for a night of poker. He loved spending his evenings in the casino in Zell am See since he turned 18 – the age when you can start visiting casinos in Austria. No surprise then that Alexander wanted to become a croupier. It was also quite clear that it has to be the casino in Zell am See.

Good to know: The training to become a junior croupier ...
… takes eight weeks. Six of them focus on roulette – the premier class in the casino. Having accomplished the final exam, the newly qualified croupiers can work in any Austrian casino.

 You never stop learning!

But the greatest skill is to automatize the game procedures in such way that you are able to entertain the guests at the same time! Whether roulette or poker table: The croupier is as much entertainer as he is gamemaster and he keeps the guests happy. Even when they lose.

Good to know: The playing cards …
… are all made from plastic. Otherwise it would happen too often that a bad loser simply rips them to pieces in frustration.

Ask about his memory of numbers, Alexander smiles: “Well, you should have a good memory but it is not as bad as many think.“ Basically, you have to learn a lot by heart. If you only start doing your maths when the ball stops, then you are simply too slow. The greater challenge by far is to stay on top of things, says Alexander. It happens quite often that guests through bank notes and chips on the table like crazy just at the famous ”Rien ne va plus“.

Good to know: The most frequently asked question at the roulette table
”Do you know what number comes up now?“ No, of course not. The croupier doesn’t know that. And if he would, then he surely would enjoy the Caribbean sun somewhere by now.

By the way, a croupier can only work for 45 to a maximum of 60 minutes in one go. During this time, he changes the gaming tables every 15 minutes. Then he has to take a 15-minute break before the wheel starts spinning again for him.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Winning easily a few hundred thousand euros within a quarter of an hour? You think that is impossible? Well, it is possible! At least if you have the necessary change and put your chip on the right number at the roulette table! Just like one of Alexander’s guests last summer: in less than half an hour, he won an amount in the value of a small owner-occupied flat in Schüttdorf, the most densely populated part of Zell am See. But: Anyone winning such amount is often also prepared to gamble it again. And that often the very same evening, says Alexander.

Good to know: Photos …
… are a no-no in the casino to protect the privacy of the other gamblers. Another interesting fact: croupiers are under an obligation of secrecy just like doctors or vicars. Meaning, what happens in the casino, stays in the casino.

One sentence from Alexander about …

  • … the most exciting moment: The excitement is in the variety because no day is like the other!
  • … the most beautiful moment: When guests visit a casino for the first time, gamble 5 euros and then win a multiple of that. You are just happy for them!
  • … the most dramatic moment: Alexander became a lifesaver last New Year’s Eve. Yes, you have read that right! He and his colleagues had just gone on their break in the basement of the casino when they heard some noises from Lake Zell. They found and rescued a man who had fallen into the icy-cold lake just shortly before.
  • … the most difficult moment: Cheering up the famous bad loser and to convey the fun of the game. After all, every guest should leave the casino with a smile. Even if it is just because of an entertaining croupier!

Good to know: A visit to the casino in Zell am See …

… is an unforgettable experience! The casino is not only the newest and most modern in Austria, but, thanks to its location directly at the lakeside, it also boasts a unique view across Lake Zell and to the surrounding mountains.

Do you fancy a bit more? Your next holiday should combine the best of two worlds – taking you into the fabulous world of the casino and offering a diverse activity programme for active holiday connoisseurs? Then is a casino holiday in Zell am See just perfect for you!

Did you know that the Zell am See-Kaprun all-year holiday destination is surrounded by an incredible 30 mountains with a height of over 3,000 metres? Even though a holiday is too short to conquer every single mountain: The hiking and bike trails leave nothing to be desired.

You see: Whether you plan a casino holiday in summer or winter – many activities for the entire family are waiting for you in any season. Not to mention an unforgettable visit to the Zell am See Casino.