Bon appétit at the Franzl

Innovation meets tradition

Have you heard about the new culinary highlight on the Schmittenhöhe yet or have you even been there? I have heard a lot about the Franzl and why it is so special. This is why I am off to visit this restaurant today.

Meeting right at the top

The trassXpress upper terminus is the place where the mountain railways meet and where you also get in the mood for a good meal when reading the Franzl menu – offering a diverse range of modern, international specialities and Austrian classics as well as traditional Bohemian cuisine.

It is actually too early for a stop on this day of skiing, but because of the fact that the restaurant Franzl beckons with so many tasty delights, we visit Stefan Putz, provider of ideas for the restaurant Franzl, anyway.

A comprehensive gastro concept

On the Schmittenhöhe, nothing is left to chance and this includes the concept of the restaurant Franzl, which fits perfectly in the network of huts, mountain restaurants and après ski bars. Stefan tells us how he sees things and, taking a closer look, it becomes immediately clear why a modern ski resort like the Schmittenhöhe needs a sophisticated gastro concept.

“Skiing has changed a lot”, Stefan says, “the rides uphill only take a few minutes thanks to top-modern lifts, the waiting times at the lift have been reduced to a minimum, guests can use the day of skiing to the optimum, sportsmen and women ski more often and much sportier.”

The breaks, stops and culinary delights are becoming more and more important. Dining at the mountain turns into an experience, even entertainment, and the new Franzl restaurant is just perfect for this.

Plenty of space, endless views & much more

But what makes the restaurant Franzl so special? There are several reasons:

  1. The big panorama terrace with 150 seats invites to stay a while.
  2. The sensational view to the Hohe Tauern and the view to 30 three thousand metres high mountains.
  3. The à la carte restaurant: the high-quality furniture promises a feel-good atmosphere, there is plenty of space to enjoy and relax, the ambience is wonderful and the architecture gives the Franzl a very special touch.

Monarchy meets modernity

An innovative concept, a clever selection of international specialities and a modern yet quaint architecture – a mix you will also find on the diverse menu. And then there are the photos on the wall, reminding of the time when Emperor Franz Joseph and his Sisi visited the region and climbed the Schmittenhöhe without any help.


Franzl & its food

As starter perhaps a traditional Viennese soup and then veal wieners with parsley potatoes? Or how about a Fiacre goulash and a pint of beer? The fried egg and gherkin give this classic Austrian dish a special touch. The dumpling platter with sauerkraut and the dumpling filled with plum jam and topped with breadcrumbs have their origins in the Bohemian cuisine and perfectly complement the range of classic Pinzgau dishes. But there is more!

The borders of the Danube monarchy stretched to the Adriatic coast, hence the cuisine of the time was so rich in diverse, international influences. A touch of Mediterranean climate radiate dishes like tarte flambé with seafood, the Franzl Curcuma Burger as well as a prestigious selection of national and international premium wines.

Enjoyment, culinary delights & fantastic views

This are the words to describe the restaurant Franzl perfectly. To enjoy the Franzl and its variety to the full, you should take time and savour the culinary delights of the past, the present and future.

Due to the great location next to the upper terminus of areitXpress and trassXpress, the restaurant Franzl is definitely not just for skiers. The terrace is perfect for all kinds of celebrations.

See you soon at the mountain. Bon appétit at the new Franzl on the Schmittenhöhe!