6 Times Top For Yoga


Yogis who regularly practice the traditional asanas are relaxed and breathe more freely than their fellow human beings. But leaving the yoga mat in the studio, taking off your shoes and going outdoors to enjoy yoga exercises in the amazing mountain world of Zell am See-Kaprun, connecting with water, meadow or moos, you will be additionally rewarded with happiness hormones.

Lisa is a yoga teacher and she offers regular yoga lessons also directly at the shores of Lake Zell at sunset or at quaint alpine huts on the Schmitten at sunrise in summer under the title “Yoga mit Lisa“. She loves outdoor yoga and she tells the Zell am See-Kaprun blog about her top 6 places for yoga in the region.

1. "Yachtclub" Swimming Beach

A large and well-groomed sunbathing lawn attracts many swimming guests to the northern shore of Lake Zell. A floating wooden platform protrudes into the water and is one of the young yoga teacher’s favourite places. “Here, on the water with a gentle breeze, I can beautifully relax. Even the children playing in the water around me don’t bother me when I am focusing on my yoga poses. To the south towers the mighty Imbachhorn surrounded by the glacier of the Kitzsteinhorn and the ‘Three Brothers’. The rippling of the waves provides a constant background noise and the last rays of sunshine before the sun sets behind the Badhauskopf let millions of diamonds dance on the water“, says Lisa.

2. Green Moos in Light Woodland

Such a place can be found at many sites around Zell am See-Kaprun. To take our photo, we only got on the City-Xpress uphill to the Schmitten and hiked for just a few minutes in direction Lake Plettsaukopfsee. The light woodland radiates a very special atmosphere especially on a misty day. The trees and the moos smell intensely and the mist covers the wet green bolster like a diffuser. “Simply pausing and finding harmony with the pulse of nature. Slight rain and mist can be extremely relaxing if you are ready to engage yourself – and then quickly jump into dry clothes afterwards“, says Lisa with a laugh before she poises in the tree position in the middle of the forest.


Lake Plettsaukopfsee is a reservoir pond naturally set in the landscape, directly below the middle terminus of the City-Xpress. Many visitors use this lake for walks or to stop for a break on the viewpoint benches. Children happily populate the activity stations around the water. For a yoga session, simply hike uphill or take the more comfortable first gondola lift uphill to the mountain early in the morning, thus you have the lake almost to yourself in the early hours. The clouds and the peaks of the surrounding mountains are reflected on the calm water surface. As the rain starts during our shoot, Lisa laughingly comments: “That’s okay. There is not always sunshine in our souls either. Thunder clouds gather there at times. Relaxing with yoga at such a tranquil place is even better then“, Lisa says and is already taking up her position at the shore.


For our next yoga spot at the Wieshof swimming beach at Lake Zell, we hire SUP boards from the Paddle Centre. Christian Pötzelsberger and his team advise Lisa to take an especially wide and bulky board for her yoga session. Without further ado, paddling coach Patrick joins Lisa‘s yoga exercises and we are quite surprised to see both floating across the water on their boards doing a stretched headstand. “The SUP board adds another dimension to the relaxation exercises – the perfect balance. Even I must admit that what still looks easy on the yoga mat is quite a different story on water“, Lisa laughs as she, unlike Patrick, paddles back to the shore dry-footed. Boards can also be hired from Heinz Seidl at the Sup Centre at the southern shore or you register and take part in a SUP yoga course there.


The picturesque Klammsee reservoir in Kaprun is a popular excursion destination for many who are looking for a stop after a day at the Kitzsteinhorn or a walk through the Siegmund Thun Gorge. Filled by the meltwater of the glacier, the Klammsee reservoir presents itself in gentle turquoise shades. A perfect contrast to the dark forests and the deep blue sky. “If you take a walk around the reservoir, you will find a tranquil or even secret site for your asanas even on a busy day. The water here moves constantly – just like us because we are in a constant flow too. Beautiful surroundings for relaxing yoga“, tells us the yoga teacher.


Halfway up to the Mitterberg in Thumersbach is a popular viewpoint. We only hike a few metres away from the mountain road and find an absolute tranquil, dream-like place for our yoga session. A small plateau on the meadow offers a magnificent view to the glacier of the Kitzsteinhorn and the surrounding mountains. Lake Zell glistens below us and small boats move around on the green water surface. “Here, I can breathe freely! The vastness is so calming, and you can sit here in the lotus position and simply enjoy the view“, says Lisa and starts to meditate with a smile on her face.

There are of course many other beautiful places for warrior, tree, cobra & co. in Zell am See-Kaprun. Just tell us your favourite spot for your asanas around Zell am See-Kaprun.