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Traditional event "Raunacht" at the Castle Kaprun

05/01/2020, from 8:00 PM

The "Perchten" help to awake the nature with their rattling from the bells and birchs. They want to cast out the bad and help the light to come out. So, if the Perchten "stroke" you with the birchs - it is a good sign. They want to cast out the bad, also from the body. You should never refuse the birchs and you should stand patient the birching. At Kaprun Castle the "Schiachperchten" try to cast out the evil spirits. Traditonal event with the "Kapruner Perchten", the "Zeller Tresterer", the "Sternsinger Kaprun" and the "Bläserduo Steinbauer Klaus". Free entrance.


event location:

Burg Kaprun


phone: (0043) 676 5653012
mobil: (0043) 6547 7653
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