Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Castle Festival 2022

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Spectacular journey through time into the Middle Ages

With the Market Spectaculum on Friday, 22. 7. 2022 the Burgfest Kaprun starts on Friday evening from 5 pm with culinary delights, market and camp life, children’s activities, juggling, belly dance and evening concert with a small fire show. Admission free!

The highlight is the march from Salzburgerplatz on Saturday, 23. 7. and Sunday, 24. 7. each time at 11. 00 a. m. to the castle. The spectacular full-contact tournaments in the Burghof to the “Alpencup der Alpenkrieger zur Burg Kaprun” (Alpine Warriors Cup to Castle Kaprun) are absolute crowds on Saturday with the tournaments, but also the Buhurt on Sunday.
The popular medieval festival offers visitors a large craft and medieval market in front of the castle, on the children’s meadow there is a great children’s programme with the “Lucky” carousel, children’s tournament, crossbow shooting, and much more, as well as an impressive tent town with many activities of the 40 medieval camp groups.

Dragon returns to the Burgfest Kaprun 2022. Dragon sits enthroned in his dragon’s nest on the southern bastion of the castle. He wants to be fed, when he is full, then he spews fairy dust contentedly, but woe is he annoyed, then he spits out a great fountain of fire. The dragon is the favourite of our little visitors. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons he can be seen in the castle courtyard when it comes to saving the crown of the princess.

To the evening show on Saturday, 23. 7. 2022 an evening program worth listening to and seeing will be offered in the Burghof from 7. 30 p. m. After a magical fire show in the castle courtyard, it’s off to the Knight’s Hall with the Irish Folk Speed band “Cellarfolks” for Pub Night to Crow.

The Burggastro provides for your physical well-being, while KAISER BIER, among other things, saves you from dying out of thirst.
Versatile culinary desires are offered in the castle of Auhof Kaprun, on the market meadow of Torxes’s Schlemmstand and numerous stands at the market area in front of the castle Kaprun.

Free parking is located at the tree bar car park in front of the village center. There is a shuttle bus from there for € 3. 00 per person/trip to Kaprun Castle and back.

Information about the program, admission prices, fundraising campaign at
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Burg Kaprun