Guided hike: The power of the water in Kaprun Valley

Guided hike: The power of the water in Kaprun Valley

Wednesday, 14.06.2023 - Wednesday, 11.10.2023
Wed from 9 am | duration: 4h
registration required: 0043 650 5012273, Kesselfallstraße 98, 5710 Kaprun

We start the tour at the "former" Fürthermoaralm and hike along the herb trail uphill to the dam of the Mooserboden reservoir. We cross the dam walls and walk along the lake, where the journey of the water through our power plant group is explained. Furthermore, there are interesting facts about the mountain world, the construction of the walls, the future and the importance of the power plant's "green battery". For the more ambitious, there is a short climb to the Höhenburg with its summit cross (2,108m). Refreshments are available at one of the countless small restaurants. The return journey to the starting point in the valley is accomplished by bus and inclined lift.

Free hike-ascent and descent not included.



Kesselfall Kasse
Kesselfallstraße 98
5710 Kaprun


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