"Flying Fox" at the High Altitude Reservoirs

"Flying Fox" at the High Altitude Reservoirs

Saturday, 02.07.2022 - Sunday, 03.07.2022
Saturday, 06.08.2022 - Sunday, 07.08.2022
Saturday, 03.09.2022 - Sunday, 04.09.2022
Saturday, 01.10.2022 - Sunday, 02.10.2022
from 10:00 Time | duration: 6h
4Motion Team B.E, Sigmund-Thun-Straße 18, 5710 Kaprun

High-flying excitement for young and old

Every first weekend of the month from June to October |10.00 - 4.00 pm.

The “Flying Fox” leads from the Höhenburg, a 2,108-metre-high
peak, to the Moosersperre. The airy fun is aimed at brave adventurer*s from the age of three.


  • free, included in the entrance fee to the Kaprun high mountain reservoirs

Meeting point:

  • "Höhenburg" mounain station fo the high moutnain reservoirs 

No registration required.



4Motion Team B.E
Sigmund-Thun-Straße 18
5710 Kaprun


tel.: +436642010818