'Es ist nur eine Phase Hase' - cabaret with Edi Jäger

'Es ist nur eine Phase Hase' - cabaret with Edi Jäger

Friday, 03.11.2023
from 6 pm | duration: 3h
Sportresort Alpenblick, Alte Landesstraße 6, 5700 Zell am See

Puberty is bad. Sure. But not as bad as: Old-age puberty!

Age pubescents love the quite, hiking, the world 'earlier' and pop concerts with seats. Male Alterspubertiere squeeze that round Ü40 body into wetsuits and start a kitesurfing course. Or strive for a marathon career. Female age Pubescents like to take refuge in spirituality and want to 'rediscover themselves'. They run inro yoga classes and across the Way of St. James, they want to spice up their sex lives or make jam. Sound scary? It is. But above all, very, very funny...
A small consolation: age pubescents are the largest poulation group in Europe. You are not alone. 



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