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30.04.2022 - 30.10.2022
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
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Schmitten 38 / 5700 Zell am See
phone: (0043) 699 1155 2241
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Only 45 minutes from Zell am See, there is a cosy inn hidden away: The Ebenbergalm on the Schmittenhöhe. Once you have found the traditional alpine pasture, Lake Zell lies at your feet while you are treated to hearty snacks and hot dishes.

If you're in the mood for a short, leisurely hike with panoramic views and a delicious stop at a hut, then is a trip to the Ebenbergalm just perfect for you. The hike from Zell am See to the slightly hidden alpine inn on the Schmittenhöhe only takes about 45 minutes. The short climb to 996 metres above sea level is nevertheless greatly rewarded, because once you reach the top, you have a first-class view of the glistening blue Lake Zell from the wooden terrace in summer. When it gets chilly in winter, warm up in the cosy public room and enjoy your favourite regional dishes with a view of the snow-covered landscape.


Number of seats

Number of seats indoor: 35
Number of seats outdoor: 45

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