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Disc Golf Zell am See-Kaprun

Frisbee + Golf = Disc Golf on the Schmittenhöhe in the Zell am See-Kaprun region

Just hiking was yesterday. On the Schmittenhöhe high above Zell am See is Disc Golf -a mix of Frisbee and golf - on the agenda. Just like golf, you start from a tee (starting point), aiming to "putt" the disc with a minimum of throws. Instead of a club, you swing your arms; instead of a golf ball, you throw a disc and instead of hitting a hole, you must aim for a basket. Concentration, practice, stamina and patience - without these, your excursion into the world of Disc Golf will not be successful.

18-hole downhill course

Disc Golf is played on the Schmittenhöhe. There you find an 18-hole course, or in other words, an 18-basket course. You start 1.850 m above sea level at the upper terminus of the Sonnkogelbahn. The course leads to the Sonnenalm in 1.400 m above sea level - hence the term downhill course. You work your way downhill basket by basket until you have "putted" all baskets successfully. Then you can call yourself a Disc Golf pro and deserve a stop for some refreshments.

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Practice makes perfect

Before you start, you should practice your "throwing technique" a bit. We may be wrong, but surely you have had not many chances to practice Disc Golf, or? There are three easy baskets along the Easy Line on the course - here you do the groundwork for an exciting game. The course can be used free of charge if you have a lift ticket. A € 10 deposit for the discs will be charged. The discs are available at the upper terminus of the Sonnkogelbahn or the lower terminus of the Schmittenhöhenbahn.

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There is plenty of action on the Schmittenhöhe. You can of course just hike along the beautiful hiking trails, enjoy the view from the Sonnenpromenade or simply soak up the sun. The main thing is that you spend your next holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun region. You can book suitable accommodation online here and now. Or just contact us; we are happy to help you with your planning!