Mountain summer | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
Summer in Austria | © Nikolaus Faistauer Photography
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Year-round activities & experiences on a holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun

The decision "either - or" is something you don't have to make very often on a holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun region. In most cases, you just simply do EVERYTHING. Sure, there are activities that can only be experienced in a particular season but these are not many. Very popular are activities that can be experienced on a holiday here throughout the year. Regardless of season, conditions, weather or other factors, you will surely not get bored with the selection of year-round experiences on a holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun region in the Salzburger Land.

Good investments

You have already made a good investment by spending your holiday in the Zell am See-Kaprun holiday region. If you want to treat yourself locally, then it's best to go shopping or to enjoy culinary delights in the valley or on the mountain. The towns of Zell am See and Kaprun accommodate famous "shopping malls", trendy shops and traditional souvenir shops. Here you can get the latest fashion trends, the best sports and activity equipment or wonderful souvenirs for your loved ones at home. If you get hungry on your holiday, then only the best will do. Sophisticated restaurants alternate with traditional inns and quaint huts on the mountains. If you go for this, then you will experience plenty of delights ...

Relaxed & fit on holiday

Even if it seems that experiences, activities and adventures always take centre stage in the Zell am See-Kaprun region, there is much more to be enjoyed. Otherwise you miss out on especially relaxing hours. Sport & activity and relaxation & regeneration go hand in hand. A variety of wellness & spa treatments in the region help you to relax from everyday life and to regain energy for many eventful days ahead. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Keep fit and healthy on your holiday and return home relaxed and full of energy and vigour. Your friends and colleagues at home will notice the difference immediately ...

Say "I DO" and take off

You don't quite understand this heading? That's okay, it only indicates two more year-round themes in Zell am See-Kaprun. Although special winter weddings are very trendy, you can say "I do" in style and in a fitting way in our region throughout the year. Special wedding locations will make the best day of your life an unforgettable event. Take off? Exactly, various types of aviation present yet another year-round holiday theme. Experience the region from a bird's eye perspective during sightseeing flights. Muster all your courage for a parachute jump and use the thermal lift of the mountains for paragliding. The Zell am See Airport is also suitable as destination airport for you and your friends, making it also perfect for an unforgettable wedding celebration ...

SUMMARY: YEAR-ROUND Highlights zell am See-Kaprun:
  • Shopping experience in Zell am See & Kaprun
  • Trendy shops meet iconic souvenir shops
  • Culinary delights & delicacies
  • International flair meets regional dishes
  • Rest & relaxation with wellness & spa
  • Chill out after sport, action & activity
  • Up in the air - aviation & sightseeing flights
  • The most beautiful day - weddings in Zell am See-Kaprun
  • Yoga & more: Stay healthy & fit on your holiday